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  • What is a professional pet care giver?
    A professional pet care giver is a person who cares for your pets, like their own, when you cannot be there for them.
  • Why should I choose Bree's Buddies?
    We specialize in customized care with one-on-one attention for each pet. During the initial consultation, we will learn as much as we can about your pets, and create a unique plan for their care, in their own home. If you want to make sure your pet gets the best and most personalized care, when you can’t be there, then give us a call.
  • Will you take my pets to your home or come visit them in mine?
    We will come to your house to care for your pets. This means your pets stay in a familiar environment where they are most comfortable.
  • Do you require proof of vaccinations?
    Yes, adult dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. However, because a pet sitting visit is in the pet’s home, other vaccinations, such as Bordetella, are not necessary. If you have questions regarding your pet’s vaccinations, please ask!
  • What tasks are included?
    During our visits, we will feed your pets, change their water, wash the food and water bowls, scoop litter boxes, and provide your pets with exercise and attention. Upon request, we will also include things like collecting your mail, watering your plants/gardens, refilling bird feeders outside, taking out and bringing in your trash cans, brushing your pets (as long as supplies are provided), and turning your lights on/off or opening and closing curtains for security purposes.
  • Do my dogs have to be crated?
    That is up to you. If your dogs do well in the house when you are not home, then there is no need for a crate. If they are crated, we do require each dog to have their own crate/kennel.
  • I have an alarm system. Are you familiar with these?
    Bree's Buddies is experienced with handling a variety of alarm systems. We will ask you to show us your particular system during the meet and greet where we will also collect and verify the alarm code. If you do not feel comfortable giving us the code, please feel free to set up a temporary guest code. For all alarm systems that are set, we must be able to deactivate the alarm themselves. We’re aware that some clients have the ability to remotely deactivate the alarm system, but in cases of emergency when we are not able to get in contact with you, we need to be able to deactivate the alarm ourselves in order to make sure your pets are cared for.
  • How often are you available to walk my dog? Can you do daily walks?
    We can absolutely do daily walks! Depending on your pet’s routine, we can even schedule multiple walks per day, weather permitting. We do adjust dog walk times depending on weather due to temperatures that are unsafe for your dogs.
  • Can I hire you to take my dog to the vet?
    Occasionally this is a service that is requested. Feel free to give us a call and we can give you a quote.
  • What happens if my dog gets hurt or sick while I’m out of town?
    In non-emergency situations, we will contact you to alert you that your pet’s behavior has changed or we noticed something new that may be medically related. In the case of an emergency or at your request we will then make every effort to take your pet to your preferred veterinarian that we have recorded in your file. If your veterinarian is not available, then we will take your pet to another clinic or pet hospital.
  • Will my dog always be on a leash?
    If your dog is outside of your home and yard, they will always be on a leash, no exceptions.
  • Let's say a dog doesn't do well with other dogs, do you watch those types of dogs?
    Absolutely! Depending on their normal routine, we will make sure your dog is taken care of. During walks, we follow your guidance in avoiding any streets or houses known for problems (ie: barking dogs outside), and if another dog is spotted on a walk, we will turn and take an alternate route.
  • How will I know if my pets like you?
    Before the start of services, we arrange a meet and greet with you at your home. This is a chance for you to get to know the sitter, for the sitter to get to know your pet’s routine, but most importantly, for your pet to get to know the sitter. With years of experience, we know how to interact with your pets in a non-threatening manner in order to build a trusted relationship with them.
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